Cabin Crew Selling Techniques

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Cabin Crew—selling techniques

Creating a positive image

Creating a positive image is an important part of being in the airline industry. I have chosen to look at Virgin Atlantic. To create a positive image their staff must be smart and well presented at all times, which means having clean and ironed uniform that is worn to the specification outlined by the airline. This means all staff will look professional. They must also have hair that is tidy and groomed and minimal jewelry or tattoos on the body. As they are the face of the airline all of this is important.

Advertisement on TV and in the papers can also present a positive image of the company. Media may report on the state of the airline, such as what their fares are like in terms of price and how the airline is clean in terms of the planes and what they are doing to combat climate change. Other things that create a positive image for the airline are being on time for their flights, as being late could create a bad word of mouth, and offering innovative products and services that people would like to try, such as the new Dreamliner plane and the beds and such in first class.

What a positive image means for the company

By creating a positive image for their brand, they will have a number of benefits. More passengers choosing to travel with them in turn means more money for the airline, which they can then re-invest into their planes or to train staff. The result will be a better word of mouth for the company. These new customers may become loyal to the airline and this will benefit them as they are choosing to stay with a company they can trust instead of choosing one of their competitors. This will increase the reputation of the company, and could mean more investment into the company from outside companies and shareholders.

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