Cabi Style Adverstising Campaign

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CAbi Style

Advertising Campaign

Table of Contents

Product and Target Market Description 3
Product Description3
Differential Advantages3
Target Market Description3
Opportunities and Challenges within the Target Market………………………… 4

Marketing Objectives and Strategies5
Marketing Strategy6
Advertising Objectives6
Creative Strategy7
Media Strategy and Plan7
Campaign Evaluation9
Appendix A 10

Product and Target Market Description
Carol Anderson designed clothes for Nordstrom and other upscale department stores for over twenty-five years. She grew tired of department stores dictating what styles she should design. In 2004, Carol launched her CAbi which she sells directly to the customer. After listening to what her customers truly want- she launched CAbi STYLE in 2011. Her goal is for women to look chic and stylish while flattering the woman’s figure. No other brand in targeting module dressing at this time in the apparel market but better goods brands could easily modify their lines to accommodate module dressing.

Product Description

CAbi STYLE is a clothing line designed for women in their late 20’s to mid 60’s. Sizes range from 0-16 and accommodate women with up to a 35” inseam.

Differential Advantages

The advantage of CAbi STYLE is that clothing is designed to work together. And the stylist created outfits are already put together for the consumer.

Target Market Description

The CAbi Style target market is a profession woman size 0-16. The customer typically has an inseam no longer than 35” and typically wears a size 8 or 10. Our target market will reside in the Total Survey Area (TSA) of Jacksonville, FL. There are plans for a national expansion in 12 select markets including the following examples: Orange County, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Nashville, and Washington, DC. The target audience is from 28-65 years old. She is a professional woman or a professional volunteer. Her family income exceeds $45K. Most of target audience will have some college education. Jacksonville, FL was chosen because of the central distribution capabilities. The population offers a good mixture of professional women.

Opportunities and Challenges within the Target Market

CAbi Style offers a creative approach to shopping. At the time- there are no other brands offering module dressing. In the past- several other brands attempted module dressing such as Units but all of the styles were made with knit fabrics and they were sized one size fits all. The color choices were also limited.

I feel that a challenge for this product will be media mix. For apparel- you need to see the product and possibly feel the fabric. For the Jacksonville market- we are using radio, television, newspaper, and magazines to spread the word about CAbi Style. Most of the communication will be directing them to local trunk and style shows so the consumer can see the product in person. The CAbi brand has long standing relationships with top retailers. I feel that will open the door to the buyer at the retailers are targeting. But it will be difficult to take a chance on a new brand if they have a soft holiday season.

Marketing Objectives and Strategies

CAbi STYLE marketing objective is to offer professional women ages 28-65, size 0-16, with a family income in excess of $45K that you can have a stylish wardrobe with minimal pieces in your closet that will make your body look longer, leaner and more balanced. You will also be stylish because the outfits are already put together for you. Our goal over the next 13 four week periods is increase sales by 60%. This will increase the items sold to 500. Please see the projections below. |Cabi STYLE | |Periods |Sales |Product Price |Unit Cost $25 |Variance |Unit...
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