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How To Make Bootable USB
Posted May 30, 2009 – 1:21 pm in: Uncategorized
Having a bootable USB is very essential, especially if you are a Netbook user. Using bootable USB to install an operating system (OS) not only makes the installation faster, but also saves a DVD. Creating or using an USB drive to install Windows operating systems is very easy if you follow the below mentioned steps.

If you are planning to use bootable USB to install Windows 7 or Vista please refer our guides: Install Windows 7/Vista using bootable USB guide
And also, you can refer install Windows 7 on Acer Aspire One guide Coming back to bootable USB guide, here we assume that you are using either Vista or Windows 7 to create a bootable USB. 1. Insert your USB (4GB+ preferable) stick to the system and backup all the data from the USB as we are going to format the USB to make it as bootable. 2. Open elevated Command Prompt. To do this, type in CMD in Start menu search field and hit Ctrl + Shift + Enter. Alternatively, navigate to Start > All programs >Accessories > right click on Command Prompt and select run as administrator. 3. When the Command Prompt opens, enter the following command: DISKPART and hit enter.

LIST DISK and hit enter.
Once you enter the LIST DISK command, it will show the disk number of your USB drive. In the below image my USB drive disk no is Disk 1. 4. In this step you need to enter all the below commands one by one and hit enter. As these commands are self explanatory, you can easily guess what these commands do. SELECT DISK 1 (Replace DISK 1 with your disk number)

(Format process may take few seconds)

Don’t close the command prompt as we need to execute one more command at the next step. Just...
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