C2 Chemistry

Topics: Atom, Isotope, Atomic number Pages: 13 (1448 words) Published: March 21, 2013
|Lesson one – Atomic structure and mass | |1. How to represent atoms. |Starter – what is an atom? What do we call the particles that make up an |Can represent atoms showing atomic number |Model of an atom. |Atomic mass worksheet | |2. The relative masses of protons, |atom? What are their properties? |and mass number. |Worksheet | | |neutrons and electrons. |Demo A model of an atom could be shown or the Geiger-Marsden experiment – | |Periodic tables. | | |3. The total number of protons and |there are a few good animations of this. |Explain how isotopes of the same atom |IWB flipchart | | |neutrons in an atom is called the mass |Activity 1 Label diagram of an atom, What provides the mass of an atom? |differ. | | | |number. |Where do we find this information (The Periodic table). Then introduce | | | | |4. Atoms of the same element can have |isotopes – clearly define isotope. |Calculate the atomic structure of an atom | | | |different numbers of neutrons; these |Activity 2: If time students could now work through the exercise – using |from the data on a Periodic table. | | | |atoms are called isotopes. |Periodic Tables, work out the Name, Symbol and atomic mass of the first 20 | | | | |HT – The relative atomic mass of an |elements. |HT – calculate Ar from provided data. | | | |element (Ar) compares the mass of the |Plenary: Atomic structure quiz on ppt. | | | | |element to 12C isotope. | |Explain that atomic masses are relative to | | | | |HT - Mass of an element is compared to Carbon12 and therefore the mass of |12C isotope. | | | | |other elements is in relation to C12. | | | | |Lesson two- The Relative formula mass | |1. Relative formula mass (Mr) of a |Starter: Card sort on atomic structure. |Can calculate the relative formula mass (Mr|Card sort |Relative formula mass and moles | |compound is the sum of the relative |Demo: What is the mass of an atom, Show masses in full...
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