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As we all know, Ready-to-drink tea become a topic be discussed much in recent times. Ready-to-drink tea has grown since the 80s of last century on the market. All the big brands are present in Vietnam have had green tea products in the markets of Europe, America, Japan and Korea such as Lipton, Pepsi, Nestle, Coca Cola, Uni President, URC, ... Nowadays, when it comes to ready-to-drink tea, we have to talk about brands, like O degree of THP, C2 of the URC, Queen Tea… Among them, brand Green tea 0 độ is the most popular.

First year 2006, THP group added to the market the product: Green tea 0 degree. This kind of water is bottled PET, convenience for users. Green tea product is closed to Vietnamese consumers, but 0 degree is special because / it's packed in the special conditional production in order to keep all the nutrient which is good for your health. PET to keep hold tea can suffer from high degrees because pull into the bottle when it is still hot. At the first time, THP has investment its own product line for PET. 0 degree is also invested carefully from brand name, logo, packaging designs, colors to use Number One made brand protection. For price, green tea 0 degree has price more than the approximately 20% compared to ready-to-drink other. However, users accept this difference because it is good for their health. For distributors: 0 degree inherits the advantage from the distributors existing of THP. At any grocery store, consumers can easily buy a Ready-to-drink tea 0 degree. On Vietnam market now, C2 can be considered as the biggest competitors of 0 degree. Green tea C2 is a brand of URC Vietnam Company. C2 is a brand has succeeded so brilliantly in Philippines. URC invest in Vietnam's market with a capital up to 14.5 million $. However, in Vietnam, C2 not

achieve (/ə'tʃi:v/) the successful as

expected. From start, C2 was in

the passive. That’s because 0

degree was launched /lɔ:ntʃ/

early and is supported strongly by

the media...
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