Byzantine Mosaic Analyze

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  • Published : October 17, 2005
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Mosaic is the art of arranging colored small pieces of glass, stone or marble to create a decorative composition or a picture. Between the 4th century and 1453 (when the Ottomans conquered Constantinople), the medium was a fundamental part of the decoration of important buildings in Constantinople (Cimok 1998, jacket). Byzantine mosaics were generally created for the decoration of churches. Most of the churches were basilica or central church plans (Lassus 1967, 130). The mosaics in Constantinople, especially Hagia Sophia, were created to celebrate the anointing of new emperors and empresses. The mosaics were generally on domes, galleries and narthexes (Lassus, 130). Byzantine art was different from other period's art. The main aim of Byzantine art was the representation of Christianity (Rice 1973, chapter 4, p.3). Decorative layouts had only a limited number of subjects, especially in the middle Byzantine period (Demus, 238). The history of Byzantine art can be divided into three important periods: the Early Byzantine, the Middle Byzantine and the Late Byzantine period. The Early Byzantine period is during the rule of the Emperor Justinian I. This period was between 5th century and 726 CE. The middle Byzantine period began with Empress Theodora in 843 CE. This period ended when the Crusaders conquered Constantinople in 1204. The Late Byzantine period started in 1261 and ended in 1453 (Stokstad 2002, 309). On 29 May 1453, Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Constantinople, which ended "the longest-lived political entity of Europe, the Byzantine states" (Mathews 1998, 7). The Christ Pantokrator, The Empress Zoë and the Emperor Constantine IX Monomachos, mosaic was created, with the last rebuilding of Hagia Sophia in 1030 (Lassus, 130). It corresponds to the middle Byzantine period. Until Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Constantinople, the Hagia Sophia was a Christian church. After the Ottoman Empire conquered Constantinople, the Hagia Sophia was converted from a church...
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