BYU and Louisville

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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BYU and Louisville, Mission Big 12 Expansion

One thing is for certain, change in the landscape of collegiate sports was going to happen and the Big XII knew it. The Big XII prepared to grow and also prepared to shrink by securing the trademarks to both the Big 8 and the Big 14. Was the Big XII once a conference with vision? Yes. Is the Big XII still a conference with vision? That remains to be seen.

One of these things is not like the others:

BIG 12 (10 members)

PAC 12 (12 members)

BIG 10 (12 members)

ACC (14 members)

SEC (14 members)

As major conferences have made themselves comfortable in the 12 plus member format hosting a football championship game, the Big XII finds itself as the odd “major conference” out as the only non 12 plus league. Does this just mean that the Big XII is truly happy as a ten team league? Multiple sources have reported that schools such as Texas and Oklahoma are comfortable with a 10 team league and do not currently place a premium on getting back to 12. But as college football’s postseason is on the brink of change to a four team playoff… Does the Big XII really want to be the only team from the conferences listed above to not have an outright conference champion determined by a championship game? Do they really not want the additional revenue from a championship game?

Determining the four team playoff: Let’s just say for arguments sake that the four team playoff is upon us and the Pac 12 Champion, the Big 10 Champion and the SEC Champion are locks for three of the four playoff spots. Now let’s just say that two loss Texas from the Big XII and two loss Florida State from the ACC are both in the mix for the last spot. Who should be the final team selected for a chance to play for a National Title? Well, the season is over for Texas, but Florida State heads into the ACC Championship game and pads their resume with a nice championship game win and the outright ACC Championship. Sorry Big XII, but...
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