Byronic Hero

Topics: George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron, Byronic hero, Lady Caroline Lamb Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Byronic Hero – Romantic Hero – Tragic Hero – Anti-Hero During the Romantic Era, a hybrid of the Romantic Hero evolved out of the writings of Lord Byron and the combination tragic hero/romantic hero/anti hero characterization of many of the protagonists in Gothic Novels. Frankenstein is considered one of the Gothic Novels that developed out the the Romantic Era. The “heroes” in Frankenstein could fit into the Byronic Hero category or be classified as Romantic, Tragic, or Anti Heroes. Lady Caroline Lamb, a former lover of Lord Byron’s called him “mad, bad, and dangerous to know.” This epitaph stuck as a way to describe a Byronic Hero in literature as well. See if Victor Frankenstein fits the description of the Byronic Hero or if he embodies more of the traits of the other heroes. What about Captain Walton and the Monster? Characteristics of The Byronic Hero:

• high level of intelligence and perception
• cunning and able to adapt
• sophisticated and educated
• self-critical and introspective
• mysterious, magnetic and charismatic
• struggling with integrity
• power of seduction and sexual attraction
• social and sexual dominance
• emotional conflicts, bipolar tendencies, or moodiness • a distaste for social institutions and norms
• being an exile, an outcast, or an outlaw
• "dark" attributes not normally associated with a hero • disrespect of rank and privilege
• a troubled past
• cynicism
• arrogance
• self-destructive behavior
Characteristics of The Romantic Hero:
• Birth and class are unimportant: the individual transcends society • The battle is internal: it is a psychological war won by the “courage to be me” • Moral codes are eccentric–heroes make their own rules • Passions are outside of individual control

• Self knowledge is valued more than physical strength or endurance (physical courage is de-valued) • The hero is moody, isolated, and...
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