Byronic Hero

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  • Topic: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Davy Jones
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  • Published : June 9, 2012
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Andrew Vo
English 10 HB
Mrs. Lee
07 May 2012
Captain Jack Sparrow: Byronic Hero
A hero by its very definition is a person distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength. So, naturally, when one thinks of a hero, they think of someone ready to save the world with nothing more than a weapon and their will. But not all heroes are ‘heroic’, at least not willingly. These are the reluctant heroes; the ones who know what they have to do even though they ultimately do not want to. They have flaws, doubts. They have their own personal conflict and feel like they are not good enough, but yet still find it in them to do the good thing and be the hero. Jack Sparrow’s struggles as a Byronic hero in the film, Pirates and the Caribbean, shows Gore Verbinski’s didactic and entertaining purpose to illustrate Captain Jack as cynical and arrogant. For the very first moment Captain Jack Sparrow is introduced, he is portrayed as witty and egotistical. From his attempt to commandeer the ship, Interceptor, all the way to very end, when he tries to escape from Norrington. Jack is cunning when he tricks the naval officers guarding the vessel, the Gauntless, into thinking that he was going to steal the ship. He is also quick with his word and has weird word phrasing that confuses most people. His struggles with his integrity, like the time he tried to flee while everybody else was fighting the kraken but in the end came back and sacrifice himself to save everybody else. He also has a dominant relationship with other, often referring and reminding others that he is Captain Jack Sparrow. Being a pirate, Jack is rejected from society, making him an outcast which also confirms that he has a lack of respect for authority.
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