Bwin Media Plan

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Media Plan For Bwin
BAAMC Media Planning Level I
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Table of Contents
Share of Market3
Share of Voice4
Media Objectives11-13
Media Plan13-16
Media Flow Chart16
Propose Budget17
TV CPT, GRPs, CPP & Rates17-22
Magazine CPT, GRPs & Rates23-26
Press CPT, GRPs, Impacts & Rates27-30
Duplicated Reach30
Total Budget31

In this essay I will critically analyse the current media strategy for Bwin, the world’s leading name in online betting and real money gaming (Bwin 2012). I will also look into alternative media needs for the brand by developing a new media plan. From this, I will be recommending strategies that will suit your brand in the current online betting environment.

The merger of Bwin and PartyGaming PLC formed Bwin.Party in 2011 to form the biggest online gaming operator in the world (Mintel 2012). According to the operators’ value share in 2012, Bwin. Party holds 5% of the marketing share for the UK online gaming and betting market.

Mintel (2012)
The annual report states that the total revenue for 2011 was €691.1million which was a 93% increase on the 2010 revenue (see appendix 1.1) (Mintel 2012). Bwin.Party generates most of it’s revenue from online casino and poker as well as sports betting, which saw a 836% increase in 2011.

Bwin.Party embrace the full range of marketing and advertising tools as well as the latest methods and channels including social media, recommendation engines and mobile (Bwin.Party 2012). The brand uses a number of online customer acquisition strategies including; web-based advertising, TV, direct marketing and print across Europe.

According to the Nielsen Digest (2012), Bwin had a £75,000 ad spend in the 1st quarter of 2012. Press was the main focus of this ad spend with 98% (£60,000) of the investment going towards this media platform. A much less significant number of 2% (£15,000) of the ad spend was utilised for radio advertising for Bwin (Nielsen 2012). | QTR£000| JAN£000| FEB£000| MAR£000|

Bwin| 78| 31| 24| 20|
888| 268| 104| 99| 65|
Bet365| 221| 28| 123| 70|
Betfair| 96| 44| 19| 32|
Paddypower| 1053| 192| 230| 631|
Coral| 34| 22| -| 12|
Sky Bet| 72| 41| 31| 10|
Table 1.1, Nielsen Digest – MAT ENDING MARCH. (2012)
Total ad spend for Gambling UK 3rd quarter.| £12,474,000|

Bwin = 78,000/12,474,000 x 100 = 0.62530

Bwin SOV in the 3rd quarter = 0.63%

Nielsen Digest (2012)
Quarter £| 1st | 2nd| 3rd | 4th |
Bwin Ad spend| 75,000| 80,000| 76,000| 78,000|

Total Ad spend for 2012 = £309,000

Total Ad spend for Gambling UK = £53,411,000

309,900/53,411,000 x 100 = 0.58% SOV for 2012


In the last year, you have focused on solely press advertising in your UK media strategy. However, in recent months you have signed a 3-year sponsorship deal with Manchester United, which makes you the “official online gaming and betting partner”(BBC 2012). The current SOV shows that you have small presence compared to competitors with your advertising in the UK.

From the successes of sponsorship abroad, you have now decided to use sponsorship in English football as platform to advertise in the UK. Going into business with Manchester United shows a positive connection that the brand has with sport and will have the name brand publicised on one of the biggest stages in football.

A critical assessment on sponsorship programs in English football has questioned the success of sponsorship for building brand awareness. Results from a critical sponsorship assessment indicated that there was evidence of good practice but there was a continuing failure for brands managing sport sponsorship programs (Chadwick & Thwaites 2005) . The study...
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