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By | November 2011
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Introduction of the author(s)
Robert J. Lemke or Bob Lemke is a senior executive with three decades of professional experience in a manufacturing firm. He has built organizations, led them to great heights and has a drive for excellence. His sub ordinates call him a perfectionist. He has always been looked upon for directions while taking crucial decisions in his organization. He is considered as a trustworthy person who brings enormous profit into the business. His approach as an executive is to breakdown dufficult problems into simple structures, invent a novel solution and communicate his solution to the rest of his team members. He has facilitated simple individuals to transform into powerful and good people by sharing his expertise on management principles.

Karen K. Diedrich, the seed of the book, quite literally is well accomplished author, great speaker and an efficient manager. She has held several key positions in her organization by virtue of her unique communication style and her ability to be a patient listener. This rare twin quality has helped her in developing an excellent network of clients. She is specially known for her quality in executing right things at the right time. In addition, she loves to takes responsibilities and fulfills it to perfection. Her personal goal is to help people attain excellence through identifying their talents. As a mother of two young daughters, she believes in bringing them up as good individuals capable of living their own lives with confidence and conviction.

In a nutshell this book can described as a “ recipe” or a “ restaurant menu” book for life. The simplicity of the book is its strength. The saying “every dark cloud has a silver lining” is apt to be mentioned when one considers the genesis of the book. It all begins with one phone call, an employer making a courtesy call or a concerned call to his employee, a woman, who is torn apart by extremities of life. The birth of her daughter and the imminent...

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