Buzz Marketing

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Buzz marketing
Buzz marketing (also known as word of mouth marketing or gossip marketing) is all about creating buzz around brand, company or product. It is focused on reaching the target and creating activities to interest the users with brand or product and generating positive opinions about it. The majority of shopping decisions is made by consumers long before visiting a store. According to Nielsen Company researches, 70% of people are looking for product recommendations in the Internet. Because of that, buzz marketing actions are necessary support for other marketing activities. Within offered service, Commercial Communications:

* Creates a unique buzz marketing strategy, taking into consideration the uniqueness and specifics of your business, target, competitors and characteristics of your brand or product, * Carefully chooses places where we generate buzz marketing actions, concentrating on message boards, web services, web networks, vortals, blogs,  microblogs and social media, * Makes contact with trendsetters and opinion leaders, creating a unique system of your brand ambassadors, * Put a dedicated moderator at your disposal who monitors all buzz marketing actions and creates monthly report on the campaign’s effects. Buzz marketing is not only creating opinions about products and services, but also generating positive associations with your brand by connected actions of  viral and guerilla marketing. We place emphasis on credibility of our actions and reliability of marketing information and the long-term campaign effect. FAKE SHOPPERS.

Buzz marketing, with its heavy dose of theatricality, was honed by Hollywood studios, liquor companies, and other marketers whose products were either outlawed in traditional media or simply had too short a shelf life for a full-blown ad campaign. From Vespa's scooter- riding poseursto chat-room infiltrators to actors-pretending-to-beshoppers who erupt into song in the supermarket aisle, the technique's dramatic roots show. But these days, as traditional media fragments and cynicism about advertising grows, even the most blue-chip marketers--right up to Ford and Procter & Gamble Co.--are trying their hand at buzz. 1) But for companies used to carefully controlling their message, buzz marketing can put them on unfamiliar and risky ground. Measuring the reach of a buzz campaign has nowhere near the precision of AC Nielsen Corp. (ART ) ratings or cost-per-thousand magazine subscribers. And while buzz may work for products with a heavy dose of fashion, there's skepticism that it will translate to more prosaic categories such as paper towels and breakfast cereal. Whether it works for a broad array of products or not, there is also the risk that buzz will simply be overdone, losing its power to capture attention by becoming too familiar. This summer's profusion of buzz efforts certainly will test that proposition. Sometimes the tactics can be downright dangerous. Given the essentially uncontrollable nature of buzz, there is always the risk of a backlash. "Our clients have to know that if you are trying to be subversive and you are found out, it can be dangerous," says Scott Leonard, CEO of ADD Marketing Inc., an agency that uses street teams and chat-room "cyber-reps" to spread hot, not-always-flattering gossip about client company recording artists. Staid IBM (IBM ) ran afoul of the law in April after one of its agencies stenciled wordless images of a peace symbol, heart, and penguin on Chicago and San Francisco sidewalks to build buzz for its "Peace Love Linux" effort behind the open-source software. True, the resulting avalanche of media coverage did more than expensive paid ads could have to bring attention to IBM's Linux effort, but Big Blue's portrayal as a corporate vandal may not have been the image it was looking for. ONE STEP AHEAD.

Building a successful buzz campaign hinges on finding the right carriers for the message: influencers who are obsessed with...
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