Buying vs. Leasing

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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In the final essay, the elements of definition and compare and contrast are both involved. In the paper to be or not to be buying versus leasing there are many definitions that are made clear. One example is the definition of foreclosure, which is when a person cannot afford the mortgage payments on their home and the bank takes back possession of the home and sells it at auction for the money owed. Another definition included in the essay is mortgage. A mortgage is when a person makes monthly payments on their home instead of paying it all at once. Landlord is another word that is defined for the reader. A landlord is the person who owns the property that is being rented. The essay does not have many definitions. However, the essay is very descriptive and paints the reader a clear picture of the stance. There are more compare and contrast situations in the essay than definitions because most people understand what the other parts mean. The essay to be or not to be buying versus leasing is about whether it is better to buy a home or rent a home. There are many examples of comparison and contrast. Throughout the essay there are examples given about the positives and negatives of renting and owning a home. One of the main points of comparison is maintenance needs. It is important to explain in detail the responsibilities of owning a home maintenance is one of the biggest responsibilities along with monetary responsibilities. An example given of maintenance needs is if a person owns their home and their pipes burst they are responsible for all costs and calling a plumber. If a person rents a home all they have to do is call their landlord and the problem will be taken care of. Monetary responsibility is also a large part of home buying. The writer describes the possible outcomes if a person is not able to pay the mortgage on their home.

The writer also talks briefly about the protection that a renter is guaranteed when leasing an apartment. If someone owns...
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