Buying House vs. Renting House

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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Project 4 Written Outline

Even in this economy it is still better to buy a home then rent.

I. Why pay rent and make the landlord richer when you can own your own home for basically the same monthly payment and reap the tax benefits yourself. II. In 2006 I was faced with having to make the decision to buy or rent. After researching found I could buy a 4 bedroom house in a good area for same price of renting a 2 bedroom apartment. Also working for the government I knew the tax advantages I would get so I don’t have to tell you which decision I went with. III. Today I am going to show you that buying a house is a better choice then renting even in this unstable economy. IV. There are many programs that help people purchase a home. First time homebuyers even with bad credit can qualify. Do you know where to look? I will provide you with some internet sights that can be of assistance. V. There are many reasons why home buying is better than renting; the few that I will talk about are 1. Long term buying costs less on a yearly basis then renting. 2. Good financial investment and low interest rates and 3. Tax advantages

Now that we are coming to a close on the semester some of you are going to be faced with the decision upon graduation as to whether you should buy or rent.

I. If you have already decided that you will be staying in a certain area for at least 7 years it is shown that buying is cheaper than renting. a. On April 21st. 2010 the NY Times reported that if you remain in your home for 7 or more years you will save approximately $759/year over renting. b. Did you know you could also use the rent ratio to help determine what areas are better to buy in? To determine rent ratio you look at the average purchase price of a house and divide that by rent of a similar house. If the rate is under 20 it is a good indication to buy i. Some areas that are currently under 20 include Philadelphia,...
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