Buying Behaviour in Fmcg Sector in India

Topics: Marketing, Fast moving consumer goods, Sales Pages: 23 (4832 words) Published: May 22, 2012
Factors affecting impulse buying behavior in
FMCG Sector

Thesis submitted for the partial fulfillment of
Masters of Business Administration

Akanksha Kothari A-04
Bhumika Prajapati A-16
Deepthi Edward A -19 Parth Sarthi A-38 Prashant Dwivedi A-41 Siddharth Harawat A-55

Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies
Symbiosis International University, Pune
September 2011


We take immense pleasure in thanking Dr. Asha Nagendra, our Research Methodology Professor for giving us her esteem guidance and support for the successful completion of the Research Project.

We wish to express our deep sense of gratitude to our Librarian, Ms. Ms. Dipali More for her able guidance and useful suggestions, which helped us in completing the project work, in time.

We would also like to thank the respondents for sparing there valuable time for filling up the questionnaire as without them the study would not have got completed.

Finally, yet importantly, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our beloved parents for their blessings, friends/classmates for their help and wishes for the successful completion of this project.

Akanksha Kothari A-04 Bhumika Prajapati A-16
Deepthi Edward A-19
Parth Sarthi A-38 Prashant Dwivedi A-41
Siddharth Harawat A-55


|S.No |Chapters |Page No | |1 |Introduction |1 | |2 |Review Of Literature |2 | |3 |Methodology |3 | |4 |Findings, Results, Analysis |4 | |5 |Summary |10 | |6 |Conclusions |11 | |7 |Recommendations |12 | |8 |Bibliography |13 | |9 |Appendix |14 |


|S.No |Table Name |Page No | |1 |Table1:General Information |4 | |2 |Table 2: Impact of Price and Discount on Consumer Behavior |5 | |3 |Table 3: Impact of Advertisement and Sales Promotion on Consumer Behaviour |6 | |4 |Table 4: Impact of Visual Merchandising on Consumer Behavior: |6 | |5 |Table5: Impact of Emotional Attachment on Consumer Behavior: |7 | |6 |Table 6: Impact of Company of a Person on Consumer Behavior: |9...
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