Buying and Consumption Behaviors of Eco-Tourists in Ba Vi National Park

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Table of contentii
List of figures and tablesiii
I) Overview1
II) Buying and consumption behaviors of eco-tourists in Khoang Xanh2 III) Buying and consumption behaviors of eco-tourists in Ba Vi National Park4 1. Figure analysis4
2. Eview application9
2.1 Econometrics models9
2.2 Multicollinearity10
2.3 Heteroskedasticity13
2.4 Conclusion16
IV) Evaluation of ecotourism products and services in Ba Vi National Park16 V) Recommendation and conclusion20
VI) Reference22
VII) Apendices23


Diagram1. Age level of tourists visiting Khoang Xanh2
Diagram2. Price evaluation from tourists during Khoang Xanh trip3
Diagram3. The amount of expenditure that tourists spend on visiting Khoang Xanh4
Diagram4. Age level of tourists in Ba Vi National Park4
Diagram5. Different purposes of tourists visiting Ba Vi National Park5
Diagram6. Different kind of services in Ba Vi National Park6
Diagram7. Tourists’ total expenditure at Ba Vi National Park7
Diagram8. Tourist evaluation on Ba Bi National Park’s price8
Diagram9. Overal rating of Ba Vi National Park’s tourism products and services9
Table1. Different price of Ba Vi, Khoang Xanh, Tien Sa and Country Farm Van Hoa20

I) Overview
Because of the natural beauty, special geographic and climate features converge into Ba Vi, which makes Ba Vi National Park one of the four mountainous ecological tourism centers besides Da Lat, Sapa and Tam Dao. Therefore, Ba Vi National Park nowadays is becoming a very attractive destination to different kinds of tourists. With 60km west far from Hanoi, Ba vi was elevated to national parks status on December 18, 1991.  The Park is situated on a mountain range running northeast and southwest with its peak at Vua Peak of 1,296 m and Tan Vien Peak of 1,226 m and Ngoc Hoa Peak of 1,120m. With the area of more than 12,023 ha, the park has diversified fauna and flora. It is place for 800 rare and exotic plants, 44 species of mammal, 15 species of reptile, 9 species of amphibians and more than 100 bird species. The park is well known as a beauty spot and the origin of the legend Son Tinh, ThuyTinh. The Park has core zone with 3,000 ha and the buffer zone with approximately 8,600 ha. The population in buffer zone is 42,873 in which 80% of the number is Dao people. Coming to Ba Vi National Park, tourists can explore many interesting activities like trekking, bird watching, etc. Moreover, tourists also can spend time enjoying in relaxing tourism spots such as KhoangXanh, Suoi Mo, Thac Da, etc. Especially, visitors can go to military training and church from French colonial between 600m-800m above sea level. Hence, these days, tourists flock to the site not only for dipping themselves into a fresh and green ecological area, but its historical and cultural side also. In Ba Vi National Park, tourists can choose to stay in Ba Vi guest house, Khoang Xanh resort, or other kinds of accommodation. If many tourists want to experience the daily life of residents, they can choose to use home stay services, which is the great time to understand local people’s life. With tourism potentials, Ba Vi also offer other services like fire camping, light system, meeting center, spa, swimming pool, etc for tourists. Our report is based on the real research and survey conducted at Khoang Xanh resort and ecological restoration zone-coste 400- in Ba Vi National Park with the purpose of researching about the buying and consumption behavior of domestic eco-tourists as well as solutions to have sustainable development in Ba Vi National Park.

II) Buying and consumption behaviors of eco-tourists in Khoang Xanh To analyze the customer behaviors in Khoang Xanh, it is very important to identify and evaluate the influencers. Those are visitors’ profile,...
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