Buyer Behaviour

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| 2010 |
| Colgate-Palmolive Company

Nguyen Cam Tu (S3230474)
La Vo Khanh Vy (S3246084)
Pham Hoang Oanh (S3210309)
Tran Thi My Dung (S3231518)
Pham Viet Anh Vy (S3246087)
Nguyen Trong Anh (S3192382)


RMIT International University Vietnam
Bachelor of Commerce Program


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Table of Content

Executive Summary4
2.Target market and positioning6
2.1Target market6
2.2Potential target market6
2.4Evaluating Criteria7
3.Consumer decision making process10
3.1Purchase Involvement10
3.2Information search11
3.2.1Internal search11
3.2.2External search11
3.2.3Decision Alternatives12
3.2.4Marketing strategies based on information-search patterns12 3.3Evaluating different brands in this product category13
3.4In-store Influence13
3.5Post-Purchase Dissonance14
4.Internal influences15
4.1Customer perception15
4.2Types of learning16
4.4Customer attitude17
4.4.1 Cognitive component17
4.4.2 Affective components18
4.4.3 Behavioural component18
5.1Marketing Strategy19
5.2Consumer behaviour Strategy20
Executive Summary

Colgate is well-known foreign brand and has penetrated into Vietnamese market since 1997. With the modern life in the recent years, customers require high quality products as well as attractive appearance. Recognizing its importance, Colgate has provided various kinds of products that meet customer’s demand. Colgate Total toothpaste is one of the main products that has launched and positioned on consumer’s mind. In Vietnamese toothpaste market, there are many competitors that Colgate always faces with such as P/S, Close-up from Unilever Company. Thus, Colgate takes challenge on how to gain customer awareness in Vietnam. Understanding these problems, the research team would like to apply theories to analyse customer behaviour in order to help Colgate get success in the market.

The first section is the initial background of Colgate Company as well as information about Colgate Total toothpaste. Moreover, the target market and position of Colgate Total will be mention in this section in order to get deeper understanding Colgate Total’s segment market. Additionally, Colgate pays more attention on how customers perceive and purchase its product through some primary evaluative criteria such as quality, price and design.

The next and important part that Colgate aims to analyse is the consumer decision making process and internal influences to the product including the type of learning and motivation. These factors can be regarded as a significant foundation to help Colgate understand more...
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