Buyer's Behaviour

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Buyer’s Behavior
Audi A4

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Table of Contents
Consumer Analysis4
SWOT Analysis5
Values & Propositions7
Sensual Gratification/Abstinence8
Admire Nature/Overcome Nature9
Problem Solving/Fatalistic10
Reference Group Influence11
Informational influences11
Normative influences12
Identification influences12
Retail Strategy12
Brand Name and Logo Development12
Linguistic Consideration12
Branding Strategies13
Logo Design and Typographic13
Media Strategy13
Stimulus Characteristics14
Learning Theories15
Attitude and Influencing Attitudes15
Attitude Change Strategy16
Types of Appeals Used17
Situational Influences17

The History of AUDI begins with a German man called August Horch; He was one of the most powerful automotive engineers in the 20th century. In 1899 he founded HORCH & CO but he had to leave it due to problems then he opened a new company called AUDI, and the name came originally from Latin translation of his name Horch. During WWI Horch left AUDI’s management after the hard times he saw during the war, then the company managed to get through. In the year 1931 AUDI recognized that the way they can keep AUDI alive, is by making a Union between DKW, HORCH, WANDERER and AUDI. And from they’re the company we all know today with the famous 4-ring emblem wad formed. The Audi A4 was first introduced as the Audi 80 in the year 1972, it was voted best car of the year because of its modern design and its progressive engineering. Audi introduced the Diagonal-Bermssystem with the A4 that introduced a new age of stability, steering and also breaking. In 1978 the second generation of the Audi 80 was made with a new modern exterior design, and four years later a technological quaintly the Audi Quattro makes motoring history, it was the first permanent 4 wheel drive car that is produced in quantity for the consumer. The third generation with the fully zinc plated body was included in the year 1986. In the year 1991 the forth generation with the re-designed rear suspension means that the fuel tank is mounted on the floor panel, which indicated more space in the trunk with folding seats, and also the TDI revolutionized the diesel engine. The 1994 it was the birth of the first Audi A4, changed the exterior totally with a sleek and slimmer and set new records in Audi’s sales. In the year 2000 the second generation was born and two years after direct fuel injection engines were installed in the car that proved itself in the Le Mans 24-hour race. 2004 the third Audi A4 with a new profile, new bumpers, new headlights, and the single frame radiator grill. Then in 2007 the Audi A4 increased its size, giving best in class rear legroom and trunk space in a compact executive car. Its inline 2.0 TFSI engines, while efficient providing plenty torque with its Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection it introduced faster cars that are more efficient for the economy.

Consumer Analysis
The Audi A4 is the kind of car that attracts Married men, or women who are interested in a car that offers anything and everything a mid-sized sedan could offer. That’s when they tend they take a dissension and go buy it buy it from the store. As they start to compare this product with the other cars in its class such as the BMW 3-Series...
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