Buy Nothing Day

Topics: Consumerism, Consumption, Buy Nothing Day Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: June 1, 2013
What will become of our nation with its forgotten values? Why has America developed a reputation known for its extreme consumerist lifestyle? Buy Nothing Day asks us to reconsider what many people deem essential in their lives. We agree with this day of awareness promoting that the absence of goods will somehow motivate us to re-think spending habits as well as revealing the effects of excessive consumption on the earth. Buy Nothing day has the possibility of creating a new national outlook on the idea of consuming less.

Consumerism highlights both our want for necessity and our ability to over spend on things we may not need. During the holidays, Black Friday and Cyber Monday often pose as an excuse for many Americans to unnecessarily spend their money and time on shopping rather than paying attention to values like appreciating family. It is not always about getting a “great” deal. Commercially, the holiday season has developed into an ideal time to massively consume on unnecessary products like gargantuan flat screens or electronic helicopters. With that said, these commercial spending habits can often backfire on demographics like families, resulting in winding mounds of debt. The aspect of Buy Nothing Day has the ability to re-define original values of the holiday season and raise further awareness of our spending habits.

Consumerism is slowly taking over the United States. US consumers are steering away from their “old school” morals and values and now are focused on nothing but money and the items that you can purchase with it. The US needs to focus more on family, friends, and neighbors, rather than merchandise. This is why a day with no purchasing would set a perfect example for citizens. People could realize that there are many other uses of their precious time than shopping. The Amish represent morals and ideas for the rest of the country to follow. They make and use only what they need, they always help their neighbors, and they designate Sunday...
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