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uBuy Malaysian Products Campaign
1.0 Introduction
Buy Malaysia Campaign is aiming to encourage consumers to buy Malaysian made products. This is because they are not only priced reasonable but also helping local entrepreneurs to grow. The campaign is focusing to increase public awareness of the products offered by the Malaysia producers and can compete with international products standard. It is also response to the economic slowdown a couple years ago. These studies explain about the important of buying of the Malaysian products campaign. According to Datuk Rohani, Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (MDTCC) issue from Borneo Post Online. By launching the Buy Malaysian Products Campaign it will create an awareness and patriotic spirit among the Malaysian consumers toward the local products, as a result it will help the country to boost the domestic economy. When the Malaysia economy is strong, it will help the country for future development and growth. The buy Malaysian Product Campaign also can be recognized as one of the added value activities that can penetrate the foreign market that accelerate the national economic growth. Example of Malaysian product is Khind which produces electrical goods such as home appliances, kitchen appliances, lightning applications, and electrical wiring appliances. It is a global brand from Malaysia Country. Most of the products sales international such Afrika , Middle east , Hong kong , Singapore and China. It means that buy Malaysian product campaign is not for the domestic trade but also to promote the Malaysian products to global market. According to Deputy Minister of MDTCC, Datuk Rohani, Malaysian consumers should have the positive perception to the Malaysian products are comparable, price reasonable and better quality than those from overseas global products. 2.0Problem

The problem and issue that incur to buy the Malaysian products campaign is regarding the perception of the local consumers toward the Malaysian products. Perception is the meaning that a person attributes to incoming stimuli gathered thought the five senses of human being such as sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell according to Kurtz (2012). Most certainly in Malaysian context, a buyer’s behavior is influenced by his or her perception toward the good and services. For example, how the consumers of Malaysia perspective and what is the perception toward Khind products are as good as the global brand such as Tefal a leading of non -stick cookware maker worldwide cooking appliances. Normally, the buyer perception of the products or services results of the interactions of two types of factors which is positive and negative perception. First factor is the stimulus factors characteristics by the physical object such as size, color, weight and shape of the products and services. Second factor is individual factors which mean unique characteristics of the individual; this is including previous experiences and expectations when the local but the Malaysian products. Maznah Ghazali, M.Said Othman, Ahmad Zahiruddin Yahya & M. Sarif Ibrahim (2008), Based on their studied of products and Country of Origin effect: the Malaysian consumers perceptions, The researchers conclude that in general, the Malaysian consumers fairly agrees that it is important for them to look for country of origin information in purchasing a products. It means that when the Malaysian consumers buy a certain product such as food products, they prefer to look at the origin of the product came from either from Malaysia or overseas. It showed that consumers’ perceptions on products origin country play a major role in influencing a consumer’s choice of products. This will affect the buy Malaysian products campaign. 2.2Attitude

The attitude of the Malaysian consumers’ sometimes affects the buy the Malaysian products campaign. Attitudes are a person enduring favorable and unfavorable evaluations, emotions...
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