But Nothing Day

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Foil Stafford
Argument Analysis
Imagine, a day in the great United States of America where absolutely no goods are sold nor purchased, in order to increase the awareness of the people about overconsumption. This is supposed to be an innovative way to expose environmental as well as ethical consequences due to consumerism, however this stance would fail horribly and should not be considered. Could one fathom having all choices guided by the candid government. America does not have an all controlling government simply because there is no need for one. The United States should not implement an annual Buy Nothing Day because the government was not formed to control the citizens’ on their moral or selfish problems. Establishing an annual Buy Nothing Day does not leave room for exceptions. If someone is out of gas then they can not get to work. If someone is in desperate need of food they might steal. Americas strongest yet weakest asset is its economy, so with it in a constant fluctuation, why interfere with its natural processes. Ultimately, a Buy Nothing Day will solve nothing because majority of the participants will not know the cause. Not to mention, it would be virtually impossible for everyone to be on the same accord, so trying to advocate this idea could potentially lead to violence. Hypothetically speaking, say a Buy Nothing Day was attempted in the United States, it would more than likely be boycotted against. For example, during the Progressive Era, alcohol was banned by legislation so prohibition was boycotted. Instead of people not drinking, Americans drank more than when it was allowed. So, in correlation with prohibition, a Buy Nothing Day would increase spending either day before or after, resulting in a spike of consumerism than a normal day, contradicting the original purpose of Buy Nothing day. In retrospect, even if the country refrained from buying on the mandated day, eventually consumerism would occur without buying things on that...
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