Busy City Life

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The Busy City Life

New York City can be a beautiful place to live in although at times it can become very hectic and crazy. As the morning slowly comes to a dawn and the sun begins to beam through New York City, posing statues and all the buildings begin to glow. Looking out the barred up window of my friends’ 25th floor apartment reminds me of a prison cell. I’m able to look down on the NY streets around all the buildings, you see people rushing out of them like waves of tides. The street becomes very crowded that it seems like an ant would not even be able to get through. The people look like grains of sand compared to the tall giant buildings; they look real busy as they walked hastily through intersection after intersection, almost as if the posed statues were commanding them. When I step outside amongst the busy traffic of people and cars, all the smells from concession stand makes my stomach growl and I begin to feel like a starving kid. As I look toward the street, the roar of the cars is like being right behind the engine of an airplane. The loud noise can make one want to cover their ears. Traveling through the city and seeing the trains, it looked like a centipede while it was carrying passengers to their destination. The two tracks looked like snakes slithering through the city. The once empty stores quickly fill up. Sidewalks twisted like vines, each direction bringing you to a new and exciting location. I take a moment to look up at the blue sky and it reminds me of a clear lake. As time passes by, the posing statues and buildings begin to fade in their presence. By the end of the day, the city is replaced by quiet and

darkness only to Start the process over as soon as the sun starts to rise. As hectic as city living can be, I find living in New York City very interesting and fun.
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