Bussiness Plan for Mobile Movie Theater

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3.0 Introduction
India is a developing country and thus the step at which development occurs would clearly be more than that of the developed countries. India thus is a perfect fruitful soil for any new business to bud up and display. It should be highlighted that when recession interfered as an unwanted guest into the global economy, the Indian economy succeeded in surviving with insignificant minor injuries. India is a nation which has a bright history of wonders to showcase who excelled in the various fields of business. It is never the lack of new business ideas in India which remains as obstructing factor, but the restricted capital. A lot of unique products are there in India which remains in evergreen demand. But the primary concern is whether the circumstances are feasible. 3.1 Summary about the Company

‘Cinema Paradiso’ is a mobile movie theatre system which brings the high quality experience of watching latest movies. It is a motion movie house with seating capacity of 25 per bus. It is mainly targeting the upper class people those who are unable to visit theatres due to their busy life style. So the company is targeting people living in flats, villas and other residential areas. Cinema Paradiso is also targeting people those who used to visit parks, beach and other tourist spot. Movies can be exhibited in the same time when it released in theatres. People lives in a particular residential area can book shows for 25 people. The show timing will be at 8 PM and 11 PM every day. The location will change according to the booking. For the visitors in Park there will be a show at every evening 5 PM. The ticket rate will vary according to the show timings for 5 PM and 8 PM show the rate will be 150 per head and for night show the rate will be 200 per head 3.3 Business Plan.

3.3.1 Executive summary
Cinema Paradiso is a mobile cinema theatre with high quality projection and sound system with well-designed interior same as in multiplex theatre. •This business will satisfy the needs of cinema lovers those who couldn’t able to visit movie theatre because of their busy life style and not interested to be drowned in the heavy traffic in cities. •Location of the business plan is metropolitan cities, primary target is Cochin, Kerala. •The target audience of the business are

Classification of audience Population
People lives in upper and middle class residential areas 15,000 per month Visitors in Park 7500 per month

Slogan of the business
oThe paradise of digital cinema.
3.3.2 Business Description
Company over view
Cinema Paradise is a mobile cinema theatre with advanced movie projection technologies and excellent seating arrangement. We bring opportunities for a movie lover to watch latest movies, which couldn’t able to visit theatre because of busy life and discomfort due to city traffic. Movie shows will be conducted near the residential areas according to the advance booking. We also provide chances for visitors of park and other tourist spots. •Vision

‘To be distinguished as mobile movie theatre motivator Worldwide, for the quality of service and also for setting a new trend’. •Mission
To bring continuous opportunity to a movie lover for watching latest movies near to their residence. To accomplish this we focus on well -designed mobile theatre, quality in projection and convenience for the audience. •Strength and core competencies

oPossible to watch latest movies near to the residence.
oAll the latest technologies in digital cinema projection are implemented on the service. oOwner’s commitment and dedication towards the film industry. •Challenges
Since the service is a newly created one, Cinema Paradiso will face challenges in attracting audience towards their service due to the presence of already established system of watching movies in theatre.Piracy is another challenge the company has to face. 3.3.3 Service overview

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