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Documentation (Refer Appendix H1) This section describes the documentation guidelines for manual Final Year Project as described in previous section. These guidelines must be strictly followed by the final year students and supervised lecturers. Table 1: Documentation Format Content No. 1. Items Cover Page Description The cover for all proposal, report and documentation must contain the project title, author names, registration number, department name, polytechnic name and session of study. See Appendix B1. Use only high quality white A4 70-gram or A4 80-gram paper, size 210mm X 297mm. For each page, the margin should be: • Left: 40 mm • Right, Top and Bottom: 25 mm • Header and Footer: 15 mm 1.5 spacing should be use in preparing the proposal, report and documentation includes for tables or charts. The typesetting which acceptable is: • Font Type: Times New Roman, Font Size : 12 pt • Chapter Title: Uppercase, Bold, Centered • Chapter Sub-section: Title Case, Bold, Align left • Paragraph: Justify All tables, charts, figures, and graphs should be numbered and have titles. Both the number and the title should be centered either directly above or directly below the table. The numbering must be related to the Chapter. For example: Figure 2.4 is the fourth figure in Chapter 2. Final Project Report must be written in not more than 100 pages length. It only considered text EXCLUDING front page, appendix and references. Bottom right Any material taken from another source must be identified, and a brief reference to its source included in the text. A complete reference to the document is included in the reference at the end of student final project report. The student must follow The American Psychological Association (APA) reference citations style for references in text. See Appendix C1. Semester 6: Report cover must be “Buckram” (hardcover), gold printing and 14–18 times New Roman font face. See Appendix B1 and Appendix B2.

2. 3.

Paper and Size Margin




Figure and Table


Final Project Report (Level 6) Paging References

7. 8.



Report Table 2: Project Outcome Outcome Final project report Portfolio Description A final project report is a written documentation of the project and declare with signature saying the report represent the students original work and no act of plagiarism is present in their work. Project portfolio is a complete record of all the work or documentation done by the students based on the project progress. Students need to complete the checklist form for final submission to the supervisor Documentation that contains major functions performed by the system and describes the architecture of the system in non-technical terms. See Appendix N Student must produce a final product in softcopy (CD) to supervisor and coordinator.

User manual

Final product

Final Project Report (Refer Appendix H1 until Appendix N) A final project report is a written documentation of the project and declares with signature saying the report represents the student’s original work and no act of plagiarism is present in their work. The contents of final project report must include the entire list in the Table 3. Table 3: Final Report Content No. Description 1. Cover & Report Backbone See Appendix H1. 2. Plain paper 3. Title Page See Appendix. 4. Declaration of Originality Student makes declaration on their project originality, with the exclusion of quotations in the written report. See Appendix. 5. Approval for Submission See Appendix 6. Acknowledgements See Appendix. 7. Abstract An abstract is not same as synopsis or project overview. It must state the scope project domain, problem statement, the solution, research methodology and the outcome. Abstract should be a one page summary of 150 – 300 words







and typed in 1.5 line spacing. See Appendix. Table of Contents Each student’s...
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