Bussiness Manners and Ettiquetes

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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f you thought being talented and creative is enough to become a successful businessman then you thought wrong! Because it is not all about having the skills to survive in the market but also having the attitude that stands you apart, like Ann Hamphires state, “good manners and civility is not a ‘soft skill’ relegated to the ‘nice but not necessary, category but rather it becomes a fundamental strategy in a business’s ability to perform, compete and profit”. Strategy? Yes strategy! Because business is all about building relationships and good manners and etiquette are an integral part in the foundation of a long-lasting relationship. How would you expect to form good relations if treating your customer, clients and colleagues with respect and courtesy has no value? Polishing your manners and etiquettes will help you create strong and profitable bonds. Highlighting some important business courtesies which will take you to the top: Make etiquette a value. Etiquettes should not only be reserved for CEOs and important clients but also for your employees. Treating them with kindness and respect and rewarding those who practice professionalism; such small gestures can create wonders. It will instill a sense of loyalty in the employees which in turn will increase productivity and potential profits. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Today, adequate attire is considered a part of manners. Your uniform and your conduct reflect your personality and professionalism. So, spend some time on grooming and appearance to give an impression that you are interested in impressing a client, or a potential employer, with your professionalism. Everyone likes a man in suit. Show Appreciation. According to Loren Fogelman, “stating ‘thank you’ will elevate you above competitors”. Small gestures have a huge impact on people! Gifts and cards result in people recommending you to others because of a ‘customer friendly environment’....
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