Bussiness Environment

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  • Published : May 28, 2011
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Assignment brief

BTEC Higher National Diploma (Business) Level 4


|Unit Number |1 | |Unit Title |Business Environment | |Name of the Assessor | | |Date of Issue | | |Submission | |

|Learning outcomes: | |To achieve this unit a learner must: | | | |1. Identify the mission, objectives and responsibilities of an organisation within its | |environment | |2 .Investigate the economic, social and global environment in which organisations operate | |3 .Investigate the behaviour of organisations and the market environment | |4. Explore the significance of international trade and the European dimension for UK businesses. |

|Plagiarism | |I confirm that the work I am submitting is my own and contains no sections copied in whole or part from any other sources, unless it is | |explicitly identified by means of quotation mark or in the case of very long quotations, by means of wholly indented paragraphs. I | |declare that I have also acknowledged such quotations by providing detailed references in an approved format. I understand that | |unidentified and un-referenced copying both constitutes plagiarism which is a very serious offence | | | |Student Name_____________________ Student’s Signature________ Date / / |


The knowledge of the environment within which a business operates has become imperative to every organization, management experts and students of business. This is because the old certainties of stable markets, predictable sales and planned growth no longer exist. Foreign competition, rapid technological change and changing consumer tastes have impacted on the business environment. In addition to these, wider changes in the pattern of social and political life, the growing role of women at work, increasing wealth and the issues of demography have called to question about how lives should be organized. Faced with these significant changes, it has become important that current and prospective managers and employees are aware and prepared for these developments. Thus, these challenges posed by the dynamic external forces and the ways to contain them have become the concern of every business organization. The efforts to address the issues brought up by these external forces would also, lead to an analysis of the internal circumstances of the...
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