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Bussiness Communication Paper for First Trimester

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Bussiness Communication Paper for First Trimester

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1. Explain how intrapersonal communication is the basis of all communication taking place in a variety of settings?

2. What are the different types of communication?

3. “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Explain the importance of this statement with regard to presentations.
4. Alter the muddled messages below to ensure clarity.

“Dog for sale. Will eat anything. Especially likes children. Call 1600-4545 for more information.”

5. Why do the same words mean different things to different people? Illustrate with at least three examples.

6. Differentiate denotative and connotative meanings with examples.

7. What happens when one chooses the wrong channel to communicate? Explain with examples.

8. What role does feedback play in communication? Explain with examples.

9. Is it a good idea to memorize your speech? Justify your answer.

10. How can you bring dynamism to your speech?

11. What is dyadic communication? Exemplify.

12. What role do perceptions play in the process of communication? Give examples to justify.

13. What is “I” attitude? How does it affect communication?

14. What are the essential traits for communicating strategically?

15. How can self-monitoring enhance your communicative competence? Explain with examples.

16. What are the various grapevine chains? Exemplify.

17. What is grapevine? What role does it play in organizational communication?

18. What are the six stages of listening? How can we use these for effective listening?

19. How can listening benefit managers? Explain with examples.

20. Discuss at least five poor listening habits with examples.

21. What are personal listening habits? How can these be used for effective listening?

22. Differentiate active listening and critical listening with examples.

23. How can audience analysis help your presentation?

24. What factors do we need to consider for audience analysis?

25. What is horizontal communication? How does it...

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