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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Business career
After obtaining his bachelor's degree, Villar began his professional career working as an accountant for Sycip, Gorres, Velayo & Co. (SGV & Co), the country's largest accounting firm.[10] He resigned from SGV & Co. to start his first business, delivering seafood in Makati.[7] However, when his largest customer was unable to pay him, he negotiated a debt restructuring of sorts, selling discounted meal tickets to office workers in exchange for receivables.[3] He then worked briefly as a financial analyst for the Private Development Corporation of the Philippines, where his job was to sell World Bank loans.[2][6] Wanting to start a business of his own again, he quit his job and availed of one of the loans, which offered attractive rates.[2] In 1975, with an initial capital of P10,000, Villar purchased two reconditioned trucks and started a business delivering sand and gravel for construction companies in Las Piñas.[4][7] This eventually segued into building houses, as Villar took out a seven-year loan from a rural bank offering low interest rates,[3] and began what would become the country's largest home building company, with an emphasis on low-priced mass housing.[6] A notable innovation of Villar's companies was to sell house and lot packages, when the common practice at the time was to sell lots for future homeonwers to build upon.[7] He initiated mass housing projects through economies of scale, utilizing the cost advantages of developing a large scale project in order to bring down housing prices.[7] The number of homes built by Villar's companies totaled to over 200,000 units.[3] In July 1995, Villar's flagship property, C&P Homes, was listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange and grew by more than a third in one day, ballooning Villar's 80% stake in the company to $1.5 billion. Villar had concentrated on low-cost housings which were bought by the home buyers themselves, giving opportunities for the low and middle income Filipino families to...
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