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Bon Bon Appetit Business Plan Prepared by Valerie Schein Mentored by Daniel Bagley III Spring 2011

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary 2. Situation Analysis a. Market/Company situation b. Market segments c. Competitive situation d. Barriers to entry e. Strength of competitors f. Sustainable advantages g. Pricing issues 3. Macro Situation a. Economy b. Social/cultural 4. SWOT Analysis a. Internal factors b. External environment c. External threats d. Internal weaknesses 5. Issue Analysis 6. Mission, Vision, Values 7. Market Analysis a. Primary market b. Secondary markets c. Tertiary markets d. Prospective customers 8. Proposed locations 9. Action Plans a. Brand awareness action plans b. New location action plans c. Organizational structure action plans d. Remote locations action plans e. Local advertisement action plans f. Pricing issues action plans g. Competition with industry leaders action plans 10. Sales projections a. Pessimistic b. Optimistic c. Realist 11. Exhibits a. Materials Costs b. Sample Rent Comparison c. Vanilla Cupcake Cost Breakdown d. Coconut Cookie Cost Breakdown e. Sample Media List f. Sample Vegan Recipes g. New York Times Article 12. Appendix

Executive Summary

Executive Summary
The proposed company, Bon Bon Appetit, is in the early stages of development. Bon Bon Appetit will be a specialty bakery, focused on providing organic, vegan, and gluten-free baked goods to the community. It is expected that the majority of revenue in the first year will be derived from in-store retail purchases. However, once the bakery has established a good reputation within the community, its primary revenue will most likely be from custom orders for special events. Bon Bon Appetit competes in a sub market of the baked goods, desserts and health food industries. Competition will range from large supermarket bakeries, such as Publix or Sweetbay, to smaller independent bakeries in the community. Bon Bon Appetit will be able to set itself apart by offering superior ingredients, hard-to-find specialty items and exceptional flavor. Since Bon Bon Appetit will be able to differentiate itself from its supermarket competitors, it will not be forced to rely on low cost pricing. This will enable the bakery to maintain a decent profit margin in a growing industry despite the competition. Thorough analysis has shown Bon Bon Appetit to have multiple strengths in terms of utilizing sociocultural desires and trends, meeting needs of under-served specialty consumer markets and taking advantage of Tampa Bay’s growing population. Weaknesses for Bon Bon Appetit arise in overcoming consumer stereotypes about health food not tasting good and in business expenses. Tampa Bay’s most desirable locations have extremely high rental rates, which means that the bakery would be unable to survive unless it achieved great success quickly. Overall, Bon Bon Appetit shows good potential as a local business, given that its weaknesses are addressed in a way that minimizes their negative impact on the bakery’s bottom line. Compromises on the bakery location which allow for lower overhead, but also maintain visibility and foot traffic, could be the difference between success and failure for this business.

Situa tion Anal ysis

Situation Analysis
Gluten-free foods pushed through the recession in 2009 to achieve a global value sales growth of 11 percent, according to Euromonitor International. The same source also found that in 2009, gluten-free food registered global value sales of $2.3 billion and also accounted for 27 percent of food intolerance sales. Bakery products, which traditionally are the most affected category of food, experienced half of these sales. Gluten-free products were originally intended for people with celaic disease, who experience a dangerous intolerance to gluten. Recent reports from Packaged Facts suggest that many people who have not been formally diagnosed with celiac disease have chosen to...
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