Topics: Management, Marketing, Human resource management Pages: 5 (775 words) Published: April 12, 2013

Course Title: Introduction to Business

|Course Code: BUS 101 |Semester: Summer 2012 |Section: 16 and 17 |

|Instructor: Mohammad Sakif Amin (Skf) |Class Time: 2.40 PM- 4.10 PM (Section 16) | | |4.20 PM-5.50 PM (Section 17) | |Office: NAC 867 |Office hours: 11 AM-1.30 PM (ST) | | |4.15 PM- 5.30 PM (MW) | |Class Room: NAC 209 |E-mail: amin.sakif@gmail.com | | | | | | |

Understanding Business. 9th edition. McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Authors: William G. Nickels, James M. Mchugh, Susan M. Mchugh

After completing the course successfully, students are expected to have a conceptual understanding of today’s dynamic business environment, elements of business organization, product and pricing, marketing, distribution, human resource management, risk management and information management. Throughout the course students are expected to develop skills such as communication, team building, time management, presentation, creative thinking, conflict management and decision making.

This course is designed for BBA students to introduce them with the basic concepts of business and its functions in a global context. Students will be introduced to each of the functional areas of business, including marketing, management, operations, human resources management, and economics. The course is designed to help students appreciate the interrelationship of these business functions and, more generally, the role and context of business in society. Other topics considered include: the economic and legal environment of business, the globalization of markets, information technology, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Class lectures will include PowerPoint presentation. Few video cases might be shown as well. Students are expected and encouraged to participate in individual group discussions and share their interesting examples related to business topics/issues. There might be some in class student group activity to encourage group work. STUDENT RESOURCE REQUIRED:

Students will need access to
a) A personal computer and a word processing package, such as MS Word b) An e-mail account with capacity to exchange attached binary files (usually Word Documents and PDF files) c) Working knowledge of PowerPoint Presentation


|Lecture |Topic | | |1 |Introduction |22/5/2012 | |2 |Chapter-1: Taking Risks and Making profit within dynamic business environment|27/5/2012 | |3 |Chapter-3: Doing business in global market |29/5/2012 | |4...
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