Topics: Plagiarism, Employment, Work Pages: 3 (620 words) Published: December 22, 2012
Subject Name: Business Communication
(Subject Code: BUSS 0002)
Assignment Two-Individual assignment and Presentation-Fall 2012 Max. Marks 40
Task A: Individual Assignment (Total Marks: 20)
Select a business organization and gather information on its overall profile, organizational structure , mission, vision etc. Then choose 4 employees from 4 hierarchical levels of the chosen oganisation and learn about their job profiles. Ask them questions on the tasks they perform (job description), their role in the organization and their reporting system. Compile a report comprising the following information.

* A brief profile of the company, its sector, mission, vision etc. * Organisation structure
* Objectives-What did you set out to do?
* Methodology
* Problems faced-how did you solve them?
* Profiles(job description) of four employees from four different levels * Reporting system
*Who do they directly report to-immediate boss?
*How do they communicate?
*How often do they need to report?

Analysis, conclusion (your own reflections) & recommendations (6 marks) * What did you learn from the experience?
* Whose job did you find the toughest/the most challenging? * Which level do you aspire to reach?
* What are your comments on the company hierarchy?
* Are the employees satisfied with the roles they are playing? * Recommendations
Evidence –Your report should be supported by the following documents. (1 mark) * Business cards of the employees you met
* Interview script/video/tape recording
* Photos /video clips
Important notes:
* Each report should have an introduction, discussion and conclusion. A table of contents, appendices, references should be suitably added in the written report. * Total marks for the written report : 20 marks

* Word limit: 500
* Last date of submission of assessment: Week 12-19/12/2012 *...
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