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Video Case

1. You can imagine what it would be like to try to get a job as an actor on Hollywood. What role might a union play in helping you find a job, negotiate a contract, and otherwise look out for your interests? You might look on the SAG/AFTRA and WGA Web sites for more information.

Answer: The web site gave me much information. I was not aware of how important union is to actors. The union will play a major role with assisting an actor with getting a good job. The first step the will make should working condition are proper, help place you in roles which your skills and talent fit. They can assist with negotiating the right salaries. I see this role as mangers who assure his client is taking care. Theses services are not implement without your enrollment as a union member. The SAG, AFTRA and the WGA have the same purpose of the actor interest but they serve different areas: If your work is done on film The SGA will assist you. The AFTRA will assist those who perform in live theatre. The WGA is for those who write. The entire list serves a very import role and each has the actor as the main goal.

2. What issues might actors, performers, and writers have that others workers may not? The one issue that comes to mind is consistent work. This is a field where the projects usually don’t last that long. The big checks are talked about but what not shared is that check has to go very far. I’m sure if a poll question is taking to select a job of appearing in a movie verse working at post office most will select the movie because it more of a glamour job. Realistic the post office job will be a better employment. Even with the union actors will still face many problems not shared. Other issues will be they have to continuing to apply for roles and other jobs. I have heard the term Samuel L Jackson is one of the hardest working men in show business. He reports he not doing this because he like being on the movie screen, it done because he has to...
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