Busn460 Cango Analysis Wk7

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Week 7 Analysis Report

It seems like some of the staff at CanGo is very eager about getting into the online gaming market. So far there hasn’t been that much research done on the market and they don’t know what type of potential, or lack thereof, for CanGo. Liz is taking a good approach by letting everyone speak their mind and not getting sucked into what everyone else wants. She has taken a very objective approach in listening to everyone’s pros and cons. Analysis

When going into a new venture, there are many facts to gather. The research has to be extensive because this is an investment. One wouldn’t want to invest too much to something that might not come to fruition. The online gaming market can turn out to be very profitable if approach the correct way. In my opinion, it is not something to jump into head first, because there are already many online gaming website up and running. Some offer free family fun and others need a subscription. You also have the gaming console companies getting into the mix by allowing their games to be played online. Strengths

One strength that CanGo has going for them is being eager to get into the online gaming market. Andrew strongly believes that the venture can by extremely profitable for CanGo. Warren is also supportive of the idea. Like mentioned before, Liz is taking a very objective approach. With employees eager to see the organization grow by their own efforts shows that CanGo chooses people who care about what they do and where they work. The pride in a growing organization can be a strength because those are the people who put their heart and soul into what they do. Weaknesses

A weakness CanGo might have in getting into the online gaming market is not having enough personnel to develop and monitor the games. Warren was thinking of doing everything in house and Andrew was thinking in investing in a newly developed company. Either way it will take personnel to develop new games and makes sure...
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