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Busn427 Course Project

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Busn427 Course Project

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BUSN427: Global Issues in Business

Home Depot in Argentina
Group B:

Derek Carillo, John Morris, Adelle Robinson, & Charles Shrum

Global Business Plan – Home Depot Stores Launch in Argentina


Introduction to Home Depot Stores3
Module One: Identifying Global Business Opportunities3
Module Two: Analyzing International Competitors5
Module Three: Assessing the Economic/Geographic Environment8
Module Four: Assessing the Social-Cultural Environment10
Module Five: Assessing the Political Legal Environment11
Module Six: Selecting a Global Company Structure12
Module Seven: Financing Sources for Global Business Operations14
Module Eight: Creating a Global MIS (Management Information System)15
Module Nine: Identifying Human Resources for Global Business Activities16
Module Ten: Managing International Financial and Business Risks17
Module Eleven: Product Target Market Planning for Foreign Markets18
Module Twelve: Designing a Global Distribution Strategy18
Module Thirteen: Planning a Global Promotion Strategy19
Module Fourteen : Selecting an International Pricing Strategy21
Module Fifteen: Determining Organizational Financial Results22
Module Sixteen: Measuring International Business Success24
APPENDIX I - Cited References27-28

Module One: Identifying Global Business Opportunities

Home Depot (HD) is an internationally known home improvement superstore. The company was started in Marietta, GA in 1978 and is still currently head quartered there. With their sights set on the horizon Home Depot has grown to be internationally known with stores in the United States (and outlying territories), Mexico, Canada, and China. Home Depot is interested in expanding their empire once again, this time into Argentina. Keeping to the principle of creating value for our stockholders while maintain the integrity of our company values is at the forefront of our ambitions as we...

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