Business Writing Principles

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Most business writing involves the communication of a message in the form of a letter, email, report, proposal or memo. People judge others on the quality of their writing. To be a successful business writer it is necessary to communicate your message clearly and concisely. This will help the audience easily understand the message of the writing. There are four principals to business writing: audience, purpose, message, and style and tone.

The first principal in business writing is determining your audience. The audience is anyone who will be reading the writing. Knowing the audience before writing will make the writing process easier because it simplifies the decisions made. Before writing, think about whom the message is being directed to. This involves determining the education level, population, interests, and biases of the readers. Audiences have different backgrounds and might not be native speakers of English. Also determine if the audience consists of other coworkers or angry customers? Determining the audience affects how formal or casual to make your writing. Four common types of business audiences are: layperson, technician, expert and executive.

The second principal in business writing is purpose. The purpose is the reason and goal of the writing. Keep the purpose in mind throughout the whole writing process. The purpose controls the amount and order of the information provided. It also involves choosing the correct writing form. Examples of writing forms are email, report, or memo. Focusing on the purpose and the audience will help choose the correct writing form. Whichever writing form is chosen makes sure to state the purpose right away.

The third principal in business writing is determining the message. The message involves determining the details and scope. The details are the key points that you are communicating with your audience. Details involve providing all the necessary facts and...
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