Business Writing Portfolio

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Business Writing Portfolio

Business Writing Portfolio
Part I: Business Writing Steps

Part II: Portfolio

The Retail Store

123 Any St.

Anywhere, TX 76013

Dear The Retail Store Mangement Team

The board of directors for The Retail Store has determined that scaling back the hours of our retail operations. Beginning next month, all stores will be closed on Sundays, and will open one hour later and close one hour earlier Monday through Saturday. All full-time employees, including the management team, will work four, 10-hour days each week. Part-time employees will consolidate their hours in one, two, or three workdays each week, depending upon the amount of hours they work.

It has become necessary t hat we take action for both the sake of our employees and the companies’ bottom line. Working fewer days each week will help employees combat rising gas prices, enabling them to keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets. This move will also help the company keep operating costs lower and maintain a steady profit margin.

As a member of The Retail Store management team, we are relying on you to institute these changes within your stores, workout any issues that may arise with this change, and as always, we are open to any and all suggestions you may have to offer in cost cutting and sales initiatives.

The Retail Store

Deric Bentley

President and CEO

The Retail Store, Inc.

123 Any St.


To:All Employees

From:Deric A. Bentley

Date:September 6, 2010

Subject:Changing of Store Hours

The current recession we are experiencing in this country has prompted up to make changes to The Retail Store’s operating hours.

■ Beginning October 1st, all stores will now be closed on Sunday.

■ Additionally, all stores will open one hour later and close one hour earlier Monday through Saturday.

■ Full-time employees, including store managers, will work...
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