Business Writing Memo

Topics: Communication, Writing, Want Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: March 26, 2011

To: Kendra Williams, President of Everest College

From: Realiy Mann, Admissions Representative

CC:Daniel Milan, Vice President

Date: February 28, 2011

Subject: Funding for Business Writing Course

The purpose of this memo is to request funding for a Business Writing Course at Kaplan University. The Business Writing Course will benefit this company in many ways. After completing this course, I will be able to better perform as an Admissions Representative. I will have the confidence I need to convey my business ideas, projects, and enrollment performance. One factor that will separate business professionals from their competitors will be their ability to immediately distinguish themselves impressively by way of their communication skills.

I am certain this Business Writing Course will better support my writing abilities and help my advancement within Corinthian College. It is very important for me to advance as an Admissions Representative to Director of Admissions. I posses many sound qualities that will benefit Everest College, and the company will meet and exceed its goals in enrollments month after month. Professionalism is imperative. One of the benefits of effective communication is simply writing well, you show you are a professional and immediately earn the respect of the readers, and thus new clients or other essential networking contacts.

It is very important to receive the funding for this Business Writing course. I will take initiative and host a Writing Workshop for the entire Admissions Department. This workshop can be held on a Saturday so it will not interfere with business throughout the work week. I want my peers to be successful as I will be after completing the course! We are all a team, working toward a common dream. The Business Writing Course starts February 14, 2011. This course is for only 6 weeks and it will be online only. The course ends March 25, 2011. The cost is $1,500...
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