Business Unit 1 P1

Topics: Corporation, Limited company, Limited liability company Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: April 30, 2013
P1 Identify the purpose of four different business organisations

Name of Business (P1 & P2)| Purpose| Two objectives | Reason for ownership and sector| Size and Number of employees| Scale| Business 1:JD| The purpose is to sell sport related equipment in one place, so building a large market. Moreover, golfers, footballers, basketball players etc. can all go to the same shop. However, as a business its –purpose- is to make profit, and its marketing (is aimed at teenagers and young adults) has been very successful.| The main objective of JD sport is ultimately strengthened the brand image and identity in order to insure that they can appeal to the right target consumer.To improve their service and improve their product performance| The reason of JDS ownership is that I order for them to take more money they offer shares to the general public and has limited liability.| 10millionLarge| European| Business 2:Bath store| To make profit and provide nice, beautifully hygienic bathrooms| To grow their business operation , to open three more units within a five year periodIncreasing revenue while limiting expenses, increasing annual sales by 10 percent| It has more than 1 share holder it’s a private limited company because it’s easy to transfer ownership of the business by selling shares. Its sector is tertiary sector because its providing a service| Media we also know that it has an immense size due to the fact that it had over 170 stores all over the UK. and has over 1,000 people working for them | Its scale is national as it only operates in the UK. Bath store is national we know this because it has stores in Lambeth, Islington, Bethnal green and much more.| Business 3:Virgin media LTD| Their purpose is to make profit and be a provider who genuinely understands their customer’s needs. And a provider with the UKs largest nationwide fibre optic network and people with expertise. They believe that virgin media business is all about the...
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