Business: Teacher and Job Enrichment

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1. Analyse how these two sets of views can be applied to the work of Herzberg or Vroom or McClelland.

These two sets of views can be applied to the work of Herzberg or Vroom or McClelland as the different points made in this case study relate or link to the theories that these three theorists have come up with.

For example Bob Nelson believes that workers need some control of their work meaning job enrichment and being recognised for achievements made. This links back to Herzberg’s theory that workers can be forced into doing anything if the pay is high but this does not mean that they want to do it. They are not motivated. To motivate them they must be happy with their work space and the amount of supervision they have.

The committee were not satisfies when the principal did not give feedback based on their work which really demotivated the individuals who put the time and effort to produce the report. This refers to Vroom’s theory of individuals choosing to behave in ways that they believe will lead to outcomes they value. He said that there is a positive link between effort and performance. In this case each committee individual accepted to help create the report based on the idea and misleading that it will benefit them greatly as they would receive recognition.

Again relating to McClelland’s theory, he said motivational needs are important as we as humans have these needs. The achievement motivation is shown when the committee individuals decide to participate to achieve something bing recognition which motivated them.

2. Discuss how the views contained in the extract above could be applied in practice to: -a restaurant
-a food shop
-teaching staff at a school or college

I believe that not all the views stated in the extract can be applied to the specified businesses as people are different in every business.

In a restaurant industry money is important to the workers as this is what motivates them to work and follow orders....
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