Business Systems Analysis and Decision Support

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Now a day, Business System Analysis and Decision Support are using for all of layers from the company to make the decision and find the right way with company.

Task 1 – 30 Marks
Developing the MIS will involve investigating the overall required functions of the system and specific requirements for each type and level of manager. Describe and justify THREE ways in which these requirements can be developed. You should describe the selected methods of analysis and requirements elicitation and explain and illustrate why they are appropriate in this case.

According to the Management Library, managers should approach decision making in an organized manner. Top managers in a company include the board of directors or a chief executive officer; these executives make critical company decisions related to the corporate strategic planning and organizational development of the company. These top managers may decide how to handle a major crisis and what product to launch or manufacture. They also identify competitors, create a corporate vision for the company, decide on mergers and acquisitions, develop budgets and set long-term goals.

Therefore, many methods can used to make decision for each type and level of manager. At this case, I selected Anthony Triangles; Story Boards; Use Case model to elicitation and explain and illustrate why they are appropriate.

The Anthony Triangle is an organizational model. Anthony’s triangle takes business organizations are hierarchies’ view of management structure. There are many operational decisions at the bottom level, for example production and service workers; data workers, some tactual decisions in the middle level, for example scientists and knowledge workers often work in this level, important strategic decisions at the top level of the triangle, for example organizations senior management just like some Directors, Chief Executive Officer etc. The higher in the triangle is the more scope to covers and less accurate it becomes. As items move down they become more detailed and apply more precisely.

Senior Management

Middle Management

Operational Management

Story Boards is a type of prototype of the information system, is communication tools it helps the developer make sure they understand the logic of the system and how it will work in practice. It also to help developer and programmer understand the required user experience. Story Boards are used today by industry for planning ad campaigns, commercials, a proposal or other business presentations intended to persuade or force to action. Consulting firms teach the technique to their staff to use during the development of client presentations. The initial Story Boards may be as simple as slide titles on Post-It notes, nowadays replaced with draft presentation slides as they are created. Advantage of using storyboards is that it allows the user to examine with changes in the storyline to draw out stronger reaction or interest. For example, are often the result of sorting Story Boards out of sequential order to help build suspense and interest. Visual thinking and planning allows a group of people to breakthrough together, place their ideas on Story Boards and then arranging the Story Boards on the wall. This encourages more ideas and creates harmony inside the group.

Use cases are one of the most important tools in any successful project. They didn’t tell how the application will work technically, but it can explain what the application has to do functionally. The best technology in the world is only the best if the user can use it efficiently and successfully. In systems engineering, use cases are used at a higher level than within software engineering, often representing missions or stakeholder goals. There are some business models in use cases; goal in context,...
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