Business Sustainable Development

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The response to my graduate text Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation, Fourth Edition, has been truly gratifying, with more than 144 universities adopting the book in the United States. The book has been translated into Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, and Hungarian, and an International Edition, a European Edition, and an Australian and New Zealand Edition have also been published. Basic Marketing Research: A Decision-Making Approach, Second Edition. attempts to build on this success, as well as the success of the First Edition, and carry it to the undergraduate level. This book is current, contemporary, illustrative, and sensitive to the needs of undergraduate students. I welcome the addition of Mark Peterson as a co-author.


The book is suitable for use in a basic marketing research course at the undergraduate level. The marketing research concepts and principles are presented at a basic level. The material is presented in a manner that is easy to read and understand. An abundance of diagrams, tables, pictures, illustrations, and examples help to explain the basic concepts, which are features that typically appeal to undergraduates. Other features designed for undergraduate students include an opening vignette that is referred to throughout the chapter, acronyms at the end of each chapter summarizing the key concepts, extensive exercises (review questions, applied problems, and group discussion).


I have personally written the Instructor's Manual so that it is very closely tied to the text. This manual is organized into three parts. Part One contains chapter notes and answers. The notes for each chapter contain opening questions, author's notes, key terms and concepts, chapter outline, teaching suggestions, answers to Be an MR! and Be a DM!, Experiential Learning, and What Would You Do? scenarios, and answers to all end of chapter questions (review questions, applied problems,...
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