Business Studies Research Task

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1/ “The Cliffs Roadhouse” owned and operated by Lauren Harvey. 2/ Prime Function: To supply food and fuel to tourist and local customers. Mission statement: to be fully functional roadhouse serving good food and quick service and to supply patrons with necessities to such as fuel, and groceries. Our objective is to provide a happy environment to enhance profitability and have employment opportunities.

3/ the location is on the corner of Johnson Street in White Cliffs. In the middle of town, so customers have to drive past, right across the road from the ‘pub’ as late night patrons are popular. Some advantages and disadvantages of having the roadhouse there are; AdvantagesDisadvantages

A steady stream of customersfar from a large populated town (Broken Hill) Comfortable environmentsupplies are more expensive
Friendly communitylimited area to work with
4/ a bit of history; over summer months customers diminish to mainly just the local’s and the daring tourists who dare the heat but during winter/spring the population shoots up to a steady amount which highly increases the profitability of the roadhouse. The amounts earned in the warmer months are much less compared to busier times but still operational, still having to cater to the local community. 5/ Inputs Through-putsOut-puts

Capitalrepairing the building when neededgoods & Service Labor preparing the foodcapital
Timedisplaying the product enticinglyre-occurring customers Electricityselling the product efficientlygood reputation Renovations/ buildingsordering new products
Products to sell

7/ the business’s legal entity is “sole trader” which in unincorporated, some advantages of being a sole trader, you have all the profits of the business at the end of each financial year, you decide what changes to make within the store and you are your own boss. Some disadvantages also occur which are; have full liability to make payment, and all...
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