Business Strategy Plan: Coffee Roaster

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Coffee Roaster Business Plan

Beanisimo Coffee

Helga D. Svala

1.0 Executive Summary1
Key to Success1
Target Market Segments1
1.1 Mission2
1.2 Objectives3
1.3 Keys to Success3
2.0 Company Summary4
2.1 Company Ownership4
2.2 Start-up Summary4
3.0 Products8
4.0 Market Analysis Summary10
4.1 Market Segmentation10
4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy13
4.3 Industry Analysis13
4.4 Competition and Buying Patterns16
5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary18
5.1 Competitive Edge18
5.2 Marketing Strategy19
5.3 Sales Strategy19
5.4 Sales Forecast20
5.5 Milestones22
6.0Web Plan Summary24
6.1 Website Marketing Strategy24
6.2 Development Requirements24
7.0 Management Summary25
7.1 Personnel Plan25
7.2 Personnel Plan26
8.0 Financial Plan27
8.1 Important Assumptions27
8.2 Break-even Analysis27
8.3 Projected Profit and Loss28
8.4 Projected Cash Flow31
8.5 Projected Balance Sheet33
8.6 Business Ratios34

1.0 Executive Summary

Beanisimo Coffee is a start up Salem, Oregon based coffee roaster that has developed a line of premium coffees and espressos. Beanisimo Coffee has been formed as an Oregon S Corporation by the founder Frank Jones. Frank has brought old world Italian traditions and recipes to meet the market need for premium coffees.

Key to Success

Beanisimo Coffee has identified three keys that will be instrumental to its success. The first is the need to develop the finest coffee available. The second requirement to develop a top notch customer service organization that exceeds customer expectations. The last element is to employ strict financial controls. The development and implementation of finance and accounting controls will help ensure fiscal success.

Target Market Segments
Beanisimo Coffee has identified three distinct customer segments that it will actively pursue. The first group is made up of coffee houses, drive thru establishments, and espresso carts. This customer segment has 187 potential customers and is growing at a 7% annual rate. The second group is restaurants with 107 possible customers and is growing at an 8% annual rate. The last segment is grocery stores that sell unprepared beans to their customers in either whole bean or ground forms. This segment has 97 potential customers and a 7% growth rate.

Beanisimo Coffee is being lead by Frank Jones. Frank has a strong educational background and a wealth of applicable industry experience. Frank received his Bachelor degree and MBA from Willamette University. Frank has worked at several coffee shops, and has worked in Italy as a coffee roaster under the wing of an Italian master roaster. Through a combination of a solid business model, strong educational credentials, and proprietary coffee roasting techniques, Frank will be able to turn Beanisimo Coffee from a start-up business to a significant market player in the high-end coffee market in the Willamette River Valley. Sales for year two are forecasted to be $312,000 rising to $355,000 in year three. Net profit is projected to be 7.58% for year two and will jump to 9.58% in year three.


1.1 Mission

It is Beanisimo Coffee's mission to offer the finest selection of coffees. By using the customs from a 54-year-old Italian master roaster, Beanisimo Coffee's products will surpass all of its competition. A strong customer service ethic will support the fantastic product.

1.2 Objectives

Beanisimo Coffee's objectives are to build brand awareness and customer service excellence, while increasing sales. Beanisimo Coffee intends to utilize the following strategies to achieve these objectives: • Develop a high-quality menu of different coffee blends. • Provide an excellent service experience, anticipating the needs of the customers and delivering the best service. • Leverage the...
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