Business Strategy Analysis

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Business Strategy

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According to Kourdi (2009) ‘Business strategy is the set of activities where business combines mission, vision and goals of business and goes forward to achieve them’. Every business combines strategic plan and activities to achieve their goals. In other aspect it can be said business strategy is the subject by which an organisation make their roadmap to achieve their goals because if the strategy is not made before starting an organisation it will face difficulties (Campbell, 2002) However, in search of preparing and implementing business strategy, Kellog’s has set and put in place, a process of planning to develop required strategy and several actions which combines adding GDA (Guided daily amount) on each products label so that customer can be aware and informed about their product (Kellogg, 2011). Here, I have chosen my own business which will be constituted with my own thought and research. My chosen business is based on food industry and I will carry on my research to bring out the best result for my prospective business. However, the name of my chosen business is BFC (Bangladesh Fried Chicken) which will be situated in the capital (Dhaka) of Bangladesh and I have chosen this business to bring some extraordinary service and product which will be an example of standard food business organisation. Moreover, as previously said every business has mission, vision and goal, I have also set mission, vision and goal for my prospective business and followings are the mission, vision and goal of BFC. Vision: Vision for my business is to create an additional milestone to the food industry of Bangladesh which will not only focus on food quality, sales and certain set of rules but they will also add some features which will both contribute on developing the country and environment. Mission: As there are large number of fast food restaurants operating their business in Bangladesh and many of them have earned well respect from the customers. Here, my concern is to bring some new features to the fast food restaurant society so that my business can be noticed quickly by the customers. I have noticed that most of the restaurants only emphasis on sales volume and food quality but here I have decided not only to focus on customer service and quality food, I will also focus on my employee resources and environmental factors which will give me more advantage in operating my business. Here my mission statement is

Employee satisfaction+ quality food, best service, affordable price = customer satisfaction Good profit. Goal: An old school of thought says “A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder” but here from my point of view I want to add a word which will make this sentence more efficient and clear “A man without a specific goal is like a ship without a rudder”. However, goal for BFC is to spread its name and activities all over the country and also introduce new features of fast food restaurant to the society. Core-competency: as we see the world is a global market where competition exists everywhere and competition level is growing rapidly. In this situation every company has to have core competency to keep themselves different from the other company to the customers. However, I have prioritised to turn the centre point of focus on my mission statement and here my core competencies are: * Qualified employees

* Raw materials from well known supplier
* Diamond standard cleaning policy
* Pool club
* Hourly payment policy for the employees
* Organising charity for the orphan boys and girls
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