Business Strategy

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Business Strategy

Bruce and Langdon defines business strategy as “A strategy that maps out the future, setting out which product and services you will take to the market and how”. The strategy in business helps to achieve the goal and objectives in the company. The strategy for the business provides framework to know where they are positioned in the marketplace and how to keep moving forward.[1][2]In the first scenario of this report we are going to look at how world’s leading logistics Transport Company DHL specialises in transporting letters, goods and information. Offering integrated services and tailored customer focused solutions. DHL is a division of the Germany logistic company Deutsche Post DHL providing international express mail services. It’s operating around the world leading the market in sea as well as air.[3][4][5]In the second scenario we are going to look at the strategy of Virgin Atlantic and come up with a new strategy.  Virgin Atlantic is a British airline and part of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group. It operates between the United Kingdom and North America, the Caribbean Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia from its bases at Gatwick and Heathrow. In 2011 Virgin Atlantic carried 5.3 million passengers. In terms of passenger volume it is the eight largest UK airline.

This report is covering
1. Understanding the process of strategic planning
2. Formulate a new strategy plan
3. Understanding approaches to strategy evaluation and selection 4. Understanding how to implement a chosen strategy.

Task 1
1.1. Explain strategic contexts and terminology – missions, visions, objectives, goals and core competencies. Vision
A vision statement defines why your business will exist tomorrow and what purpose it serves with defined goals to be accomplished by a set date. The vision statement shows where your organization is now and points the direction of where it wishes to go in the future. Your vision statement is a great marketing and business development tool because it clearly announces your goals and purpose to employees, suppliers, customers, vendors, the media and future partners.[6]What is the vision of DHL? In March 2009, Deutsche Post DHL introduced its corporate strategy ‘Strategy 2015’. This laid out the company’s vision to: Remain the Postal Service Provider for Germany

Become the Logistics Company for the World. [7]
The vision of DHL has clearly stated that the focus is to keep growing in the future and to become a better organization in terms of satisfying its customers and members. DHL is focusing on expanding through the world as well as providing good customer service. We can see that the drams are clearly stated as vision of DHL, from the founder. Everyone in the organization are working towards the same vision. Mission

Mission is a strategic plan with a clearly defined business plan. Mintzberg defines mission as “A mission describes the organisation’s basic function in society depending on products and services it produces for its customers”. Here are some statements that a business should include in its mission statement: Purpose

Why does the business exist? Need to be clearly stated. Who and what does the business serve. Strategy
For its product and services it offers
For the competences through which it tries to succeed.

Organization policies and behaviours
Where the mission is included and translated into every action.

Organization behaviour and culture
You need to include values and beliefs of people who work for you.

When it...
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