Business Strategies for Vinamilk: A Leading Vietnamese Dairy Producer

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Project – is about analyzing Vinamilk, a dairy company which is facing with problems, and building a marketing plan to help the company overcome its problems. The project requires students to apply knowledge taught in “Consumer Behavior” course in company with critical thinking to figure out the solution. The information used to demonstrate the project is mostly found on the internet, and some is collected from students’ friends and relatives who have used Vinamilk product. Company background- Vinamilk is the leading producer of dairy products in Vietnam based on sales volume and revenue. Their products range from core dairy products such as liquid and powdered milk, to value-added dairy products such as condensed milk, drinking and spoon yoghurt, ice cream, and cheese. They offer one of the largest dairy portfolios in Vietnam, across a wide selection of products, flavours, and packaging sizes. According to Euro monitor, Vinamilk has been the number [1] dairy player in Vietnam for the three years ending 31 December 2007.  Since commencing operation in 1976 they have built the largest distribution network in Vietnam and have leveraged their network to introduce new products to the market, such as juices, soya milk, bottled drinking water and coffee.  Vinamilk market the majority of their products under their “Vinamilk” brand, which has been designated as both a Famous Brand and one of the Top 100 Strongest Brands by the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2006. They have also been voted the top brand in the “Top Ten High-quality Vietnamese Goods” for each year between 1995 to 2007. They also receive many awards, such as: * The certificate of “High-quality Vietnamese Goods in 2009” granted by Saigon Marketing Magazines, voted by readers through the survey made by this magazine. * “Gold medal for food safety and ensured hygiene in 2009” granted by Vietnam Food Administrator. * The certificate and cup for “The most favorite brand in 2008-2009”...
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