Business Specialties Analysis

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Analysis of Business Specialties
GEN 480
October 18, 2010

Analysis of Business Specialties
In this part of the assignment the members of Team B define the specific consulting firm they will create. They find a name for the company, provide a brief description of the firm’s activities, discuss the services the company will offer to clients, and explain the types of problems and issues the firm will address. The team also includes a statement about why the company is suited to the skills of all team members. The purpose of this analysis is to position the company in a specific market segment for which the team members expect a need for consulting services. Name of the Firm

The name of Team B’s consulting firm is “Teamer Consulting of America.” This is a consulting firm that deals with general management consulting. The name Teamer was selected because of the word “Team.” Because the team is created of five people, it seemed appropriate to go with a name that represented everyone contributing his or her skills to the firm. The members represent the name, a team, and who we will help with our consulting, which is America. Description of the Firm

The mission of Teamer Consulting of America is to assist organizations in improving his or her leadership skills to prepare him or her for future managing roles. Team Consulting of America is a consulting firm that deals with general management consulting. Armed with five employees, Teamer Consulting intends to help organizations perfect the general management within his or her organization. The employees of Teamer possess the following skills that will be offered to many organizations that seek the firms’ assistance: • Critical and Analytical Thinking

• Organization and Computer Skills
• Quality Decision-Making and Troubleshooting Skills
• Counseling and Strategic Planning Skills
• Negotiation, Researching, and Language Skills
With a team that possess skills like these, any...
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