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Greeting the customer
First impressions count this is true when you are greeting a customer. You should aim to make the customer feel welcome and to make clear your eagerness to assist them. Your workplace may provide very specific instructions on how you are to greet a customer. Your aim should be:

-To make the customer feel welcome.
-To indicate your availability and eagerness to assist them. -Make eye contact when you speak or listen to customers.
-Use a friendly greeting.
-Show through your tine if voice and body language that you are genuinely pleased to see the customer and are prepared to assist. -Use the customers’ name if you know it.
-Recognise that the customer’s time is important by offering assistance promptly.

Telephone greeting
There several important points to remember in those cases where you are providing customer service by telephone. Most importantly, the customer does not have the advantage of knowing how busy you are. e.g. you may be concentrating on processing a difficult sale or filling in a complicated form with another customer waiting at the counter to be served. A customer that telephones you at this time will not know that there are several other customers needing your help. If you do not answer the phone promptly, the customer may think that you do not care about their business and hang up. It is essential that you answer all calls promptly. You should then offer the customer the opportunity of waiting on hold of having to return their call. Most organisations prefer to use a greeting that:

-Greets the customer
-Identifies the organisation
-Gives the name of the person handling the call
-Offers assistance
E.g. “Good morning. Joe’s mobile tyre service. This is Jacob. How can I help you?” It’s a good idea to ensure that a notepad and pen available when you answer customer calls so that you can note down their inquiry.

There are several important points to remember in those cases where Customers may be...
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