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How has Dove’s Marketing Campaign “Real Beauty” affected how women perceive themselves compared to celebrity women in the media today?

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How has Dove’s Marketing Campaign “Real Beauty” affected how women perceive themselves compared to celebrity women in the media today?

Research Statement

The aim of this research is to investigate how women feel about themselves and their body images since Dove’s marketing campaign “Real Beauty”. Women in the media are perceived a certain way and since the marketing campaign have ordinary women changed their opinions on how they see celebrities.

Rationale and Research Questions

81% of women in the United States agree that “…the media and advertising set an unrealistic standard of beauty that most women can never achieve”. Body confidence has been a serious issue with women due to how women celebrities look in magazines. Perfect skin, flawless and slim is seen as a way all women are expected to look, but a majority of this is down to airbrushing and advanced computer technology. (2004) Dove created a marketing campaign to show women they can be happy no matter what size they are, and have taught women of all ages that women in the media have an easier access to tools to make them look a certain way, and they should not feel the need to conform to this. For this research, a more in depth analysis of how women feel and what their thoughts are on “what they feel is beautiful” will show if Dove’s campaign has achieved and helped women with their insecurities. Research questions are needed to ensure that the research undertaken fulfils every question and is therefore thorough.

1. How do women feel about their body image?

2. How has the Dove marketing campaign “Real Beauty” changed women’s opinions on celebrities?

3. What can further be done to help women and their self confidence?

Literature Review

(Grogan, 2007) carried out research looking at the subject of body dissatisfaction of men, women and children. Qualitative and quantitative research was carried out to get the full understanding of how people feel about their body image. “…The significant rise in referral for cosmetic operations, concerns about unhealthy eating, and the increase in the use of drugs designed to make men and women more muscular,” (Grogan, 2007). These are important factors the author has recognised of what women will go through to look a certain way without the influence of women in the media. Other factors apart from celebrities have been looked into for reasons that affect women and their body image such as “10 years younger” a television show giving ordinary women the chance to look younger through surgery which is not the easy option leading to further body dissatisfaction.

(Stephanie Moschk, 2008) carried out research on Effects of Thin-Ideal vs. Natural Ideal Media Images. Stephanie Moschk studied sociocultural theory looking into the pressures on women who are exposed to ultra thin celebrities and the pressure to look a certain way. The researcher found that, “… the effects of thin-ideal and natural ideal media images are highly dependent on individual difference measures including trait body anxiety. Refuting the hypotheses, the results showed that natural-ideal images only deceased body image disturbance for women with high trait body anxiety but increased it for women with low trait body anxiety.” This shows that all women are affected by the thin ideal whether they have high or low trait body anxiety just in different ways. Western cultures provide an unrealistic body image which women cannot achieve with shows such as “I want a famous face,” where women feel the pressure of conforming to sociocultural standards set by the media to be thin and beautiful leading to success. “This theory purports that individuals, particularly women,...
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