Business Research Proposal

Topics: Mobile phone, Nokia, Smartphone Pages: 14 (4669 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Table of contents
Chapter 1
ii.Approach to problem
iii.Analysis technique
iv.Benefits of Research
Chapter 2
ii.Problem background
iii.Research question
iv.Significance of the study
Chapter 3 Literature review
Chapter 4 Research objective
Chapter 5 Methodology and data
Chapter 6 Analysis
Chapter 7 Project management
Chapter 8 Conclusion

Mobile phones have become the necessity of today’s life that’s why the industry of mobile is the one with the toughest competition. Various researches have been done in seeing that how consumers chose among various brands of mobile phones. The purpose of our research is to see that why consumer’s preference shifted towards Samsung over Nokia as Samsung has gained the number one position in the world. This research will help to fill the gaps that why consumers choose Samsung, what were the reasons that made Nokia lose their first position. We have applied various research techniques to get the most accurate results as we can get. We have used the Quantitative technique in our research. This research will help us determine user perception towards specific phone brand Samsung and what people look for while purchasing a mobile phone. It will answer the question why consumers choose Samsung. Introduction:

Our research is based on the consumer preference towards Samsung, why they choose it over other brands. Samsung has overtaken Nokia’s number one position as the World’s biggest vendor of mobile phones for the first time. Nokia has been the biggest vendor of mobile phones since 1988, when the ESPO, Finland based company took over from Motorola. But now Samsung is the number one with 93.5 million handsets in the first quarter compared with 82.7 million for second ranked Nokia. So, our research question is “Why Samsung is dominating the mobile industry?” or “Why consumers prefer Samsung over Nokia?” Literature review:

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with consolidated sales of US$143.1 billion in 2011. With head offices in 72 countries and approximately 206,000 people employed all over the world. The company operates two separate organizations to coordinate its nine independent business units: Digital Media & Communications, comprising Visual Display, Mobile Communications, Telecommunication Systems, Digital Appliances, IT Solutions, and Digital Imaging; and Device Solutions, consisting of Memory, System LSI and LED. Samsung is recognized for its industry-leading performance across a range of economic, environmental and social criteria; Samsung was named the world’s most sustainable technology company in the 2011 Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Samsung’s telecommunication network supplies mobile phones and telecommunications infrastructure systems worldwide. It is the world’s largest CDMA provider of handsets and the world’s 3rd largest mobile phone manufacturer. Samsung is changing the trends in phone market by providing series of unique innovative products that contributed in improving the way things were done in technological world.

Samsung introduced world’s first commercially available CDMA technology and the world’s first dual-LCD folder phone and the world’s first 8-megapixel camera phone. This shows how Samsung technology is shaping the multimedia world, creating enormous brand wealth and steadily rising to the top of mobile industry.

Samsung has developed a strong positioning for its brands. It has managed to gain a major portion of consumer’s mind share. Samsung Electronics strives to generate economic Profits and simultaneously tries to tackle global issues such as the polarization of society, poverty and famine in order to pass on our positive values to the society in which we operate. In this way Samsung has not only created huge value for its brands...
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